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International DJ/Producer

Dalia is a rare young ambitious talented Lebanese Disc Jockey with an inspirational success story, from being an office girl in the corporate world to becoming a self-made DJ recognized globally. She faced many challenges as a female DJ but never gave up on her dreams. She has always been passionate about the music industry since a very young age. She took the biggest risk leaving her stable corporate career in 2015 to find her own path in the music & entertainment industry.


She expressed that many times in the competitive music industry, people give up because of doubt or facing obstacles. However, she chose to never give up on her goals and dreams or let any obstacles in her life drive her away from her goals and dreams. She used the obstacles to refine herself and move forward aggressively, understanding that hard times are designed to make you grow, especially when you try to learn from the obstacles because obstacles help a person reach their highest success.


She first started performing in luxury 5-star lounges in Bahrain, later left back to Lebanon in 2019 to be more involved in the nightlife scene, hoping to build herself a new career in her hometown. Unfortunately, her dreams got shattered and didn’t come true because of the tragic harbor booming which not only destroyed her dreams but also destroyed the Lebanese economy. Dalia never gave up and decided once again to leave her hometown to start all over again from a new fresh destination. She flew to the city of Amman in Jordan, clearly understanding that it would be very tough and risky for a female DJ, but she took the chance to expand her career. She was extremely surprised that Jordan welcomed her with love and support. Her music style mixes established a massive fan following, quickly rising her to the top to become a well-known female DJ greatly loved and admired in the Middle East.


The next exciting challenge is Disco Beirut.

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